Proposed 2019-20 Budget 

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Here is the Proposed Budget 2019-2020 released on April 18, 2019. 

Here is the 2019-20 Budget notice

Here is the  2019-2020 Budget Newsletter

The budget vote will be held on May 21 2019
9am-9pm in the High School Gym



Important information for STAR exemption recipients

If you currently receive your STAR benefit as a reduction on your school tax bill, please note that New York State has changed the program.  NYS has changed the income levels and percentage growth allowable for the STAR exemption program.  The table below highlights the significant differences between the STAR exemption and the STAR credit program.     

STAR Exemption

STAR Credit


·         Available to homeowners who purchased homes before 2016

·         Direct reduction of school tax bill

·         New homeowners from 2016 on

·         Homeowners receive check in the mail

·         NEW – Only for homeowners with income less than $250,000 (Based on 2017 Federal AGI)

·         Available to homeowners with income less than $500,000 (Based on 2017 Federal AGI)

·         NEW – Capped at 0% growth/increase

·         Available increase up to 2%


If your 2017 federal adjusted gross income less the taxable amount of total IRA distributions is between $250,000 and $500,000, then you must switch from the STAR exemption to the STAR credit.  All other homeowners can keep the STAR exemption but the amount will have 0% growth for the 2019-2020 school year property taxes.   If you decide to switch to the STAR credit program, contact your escrow company to determine how receiving a check in the mail for your STAR benefit instead of a direct reduction to your tax bill will affect you.  Under the STAR credit program, you will have to pay the full amount of your tax bill.  Once you change to the STAR credit, you cannot go back to the STAR exemption. 

To switch from the STAR exemption to the STAR credit, you must notify your assessor to withdraw from the STAR exemption and register for the STAR credit at by June 28, 2019.  Homeowners who wish to change after July 1, 2019, must complete a Form RP-496.  Please contact your assessor for more information on completing Form RP-496. 

Town of Grafton – 518-279-3565
Town of Hoosick – 518-686-5733
Town of Petersburgh – 518-658-3777
Town of Pittstown – 518-753-4222
Town of White Creek – 518-677-2963

For more information, please visit the New York State Department of Taxation STAR unit at  or by phone at 518-457-2036 or your local assessors at the above numbers. 
Here is a helpful article regarding STAR rebates

Additional 2018-2019 budget documents:

2019-2020 Budget Notice

2017-2018 HFCSD Fiscal Supplement

School Administrator Salary Disclosure Form

Property Tax Report Card

HFCSD Report Card 2017-2018

HFCSD HS Report Card 2017-2018

HFCSD ES Report Card 2017-2018

Any relevant additional documents will be posted as they become available.