The Hoosick Falls Central School District is currently in year two of a three-year capital project. We are both on track and on budget. In addition to minor site specific issues, the project is focused on improvements in heating and ventilation, technology, science classrooms, kitchen, high school library, music rooms, elementary cafeteria, bathrooms, security lighting and the parking lot. One of the main points of this project has been to rebuild the mechanical and technological infrastructure of the building.

As with capital projects of this scope, we are encountering situations from the original 1961 design and construction, and later projects, that no longer meet current code requirements. These can be as simple as replacing a door that no longer meets current code to finding asbestos enclosed pipes inside a wall built a half century ago that have to be remediated for work to continue. We are correcting, remodeling and/or improving every inconsistency we find.

Material costs and supply chains have fluctuated significantly in the past 18 months and will likely continue through the remainder of the project. Some materials, such as kitchen equipment, have delays of up to 10-14 months. Even with these changes, all plans have the school district opening on time for Fall 2021 and Fall 2022. This is an enormous feat when you look at the amount of work that has to take place in a matter of 8-10 weeks each summer. There may be a few lingering items that will need to be finished each year once the students return, but we do not expect anything to impact classes for the students or the functioning of the school district as a whole.

We are also looking to complete smaller aspects of the project during the coming school year to remove them from the Summer 2022 schedule. The work taking place next summer will be more isolated in parts of the building, but it is a significant amount of work nonetheless. The more work completed before June 2022 the better.

As you look through the list below, you will notice that most of the work has been focused on a different area each summer. The first summer was dedicated to the boiler room. The work this summer took place in almost every area of the building; classrooms, offices, hallways and common areas. This rebuilt the heating/ventilation and technological infrastructure of the building. Most of this work will not be as readily apparent as that taking place next year. The work next summer will complete the project and be the most visible as it will include classrooms, the kitchen, locker rooms, parking lot and bathrooms.

SUMMER 2020 (Boiler Room)

Dual boiler system replacement and installation

Updating of controls for new boiler system

Abatement of all asbestos from boiler room

Installation of expansion tanks to regulate system pressure

Replacement of two hot water tanks

SUMMER 2021 (Infrastructure)

Replacement of ceiling tiles, grid and lighting throughout building*

Replacement/upgrade of data cabling (CAT6) throughout building*

Replacement/upgrade of fiber optic cable throughout the building*

Replacement/upgrade of PA system through building*

Replacement/upgrade of fire alarm/emergency response system throughout building*

Replacement of univentilators in all classrooms*

Increased air exchange in office spaces*

Renumbering of all rooms and locations throughout building

Installation of wall shelving in certain classrooms due to unique window structures

Installation of shut-offs to isolate heating zones in the building

Asbestos abatement of positive ceiling tile in all classrooms

Asbestos abatement of impacted floor tiles

Asbestos abatement of pipes/fittings encountered during remodeling

Remodeling of Chorus Room, Band Room and Middle School Music Room

Installation of ceiling catwalk in High School Auditorium

Addition of ventilation diffusers in High School Auditorium to increase air flow

Remodeling of Science classrooms in Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Replacement/upgrading of networking rooms (main server, four existing and two new)

Building of additional office space

Remodeling of elementary cafeteria with office space and ADA accessible bathrooms

Upgrading of elementary cafeteria serving and storage equipment

Installation/upgrading of new poles and lighting in parking lot

Installation of new island barrier with fencing to create a bus safety lane

Addition of 15 rooftop heating/ventilation units

Replacement of the back-up Generator

Installation of fuel oil pumps and main circulators in the boiler room

Installation/replacement of over 90 exhaust fans/hoods to improve air circulation

Upgrade/replace high school gymnasium curtain and bleachers

Update/redesign of Elementary Library (due to damage sustained in October 2020)

* 4th floor, Chem Room, Room 108 and office space work will occur in Summer 2022

SUMMER 2022 (remaining work)

Work on the 4th floor rooms and hallway:

Installation of recording/AV studio

Remodeling of six high school science classrooms

Remodeling of high school library

Completion of univentilator installations

Completion of all cabling, wiring, PA, fiber optic, fire alarm/security systems

Replacement of all ceiling tiles, grid and lighting

Installation of new ADA compliant emergency exit at southern end of hallway

Installation of wireless access points throughout building

Remodeling of Chemistry Room

Upgrading/remodeling of Room 108, offices and rooms not addressed in Summer 2021

Remodeling of high school kitchen

Upgrades to elementary and high school locker rooms

Remodeling of six sets of public bathrooms

Upgrade to new phone system

Regrading of parking lot

Replacement/repair of blacktop

Repair of elementary gym wall

Rerouting and replacement of buried piping in kindergarten wing

Replacement of windows/curtain wall in Grades 7/8 wing

Asbestos Abatement when encountered during construction may include:

Floor tiling

Pipe fittings

Pipe insulation

Glue, mastic and/or adhesives

Project Photos

From outside the building you may see a lot of dumpsters and perhaps some work in the parking lot, but the work happening inside is very involved. Here are some photos of what work is taking place inside our school building this summer. Click/tap for full size.

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