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Hoosick Falls Central School District
Fall 2020 Preliminary Reopening Plan

The following information is the preliminary outline for reopening Hoosick Falls Central School District in September 2020. This information is only a framework for the start of the school year and is subject to change based on further guidance from Governor Cuomo and the New York State Education Department. While this framework is intended to be the template we build upon, there are still many details to work through. Reopening plans are due to New York State on Friday, July 31.

The plan focuses on three main principles:

  1. Ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.
  2. Provide an equitable learning environment for all students UPK-12 while addressing the increased needs of some students.
  3. Plan for multiple scenarios: a) 100% virtual learning model and b) a hybrid learning model, due to the constantly shifting nature of the pandemic.

Due to the physical design of the building, number of staff and cost of adhering to the recommended guidelines of New York State, we cannot safely bring 100% of the students back on a daily basis. Therefore, we are proposing a hybrid model where 50% of the UPK-12 students return to work with their teachers in school two days a week and then work virtually three days a week.

2020-21 Reopening

Below you will find links to information regarding public forums, contract tracing , COVID-19 testing, and remote learning

Hoosick Falls CSD Reopening Information + Updates

Health & Safety
Instruction (UPK-12)
Special Programs
Physical Education
Art and Music
Extracurricular Activities and Athletics
Food Service
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Health and Safety 
▪       The plan is designed to ensure all people in school buildings keep a social distance of at least six feet.
▪       Classrooms will be configured to allow this six foot space between individuals.
▪       All employees and students are required to wear a face covering (that covers the nose and mouth) when social distancing is not possible, unless medically unable.
▪       School nurses will have a supply of masks for staff and students in the event they forget theirs.
▪       Students will be permitted to remove their masks during instruction and lunch and at planned break times during the school day. Social distancing must be maintained during these times.
▪       Daily temperature checks of all employees, students and outside visitors will be conducted prior to entering the school building. Any person with a temperature greater than 100.0 ºF will not be allowed in school and must return home.
▪       Employees and visitors will be required to complete a questionnaire daily or upon entering the building.
▪       Any student or staff member with suspected signs of COVID-19 will be assessed by the school nurse and will be sent home for follow-up with a health care provider; a separate location will be provided for potentially ill students while they await pick-up.
▪       Training on proper hand and respiratory hygiene, facial coverings, social distancing and symptoms of COVID-19 will be provided.
▪       Markings on the floor may be implemented for common areas to show which direction to travel down a hallway.
▪       Posters reminding staff and students about social distancing and proper hygiene will be placed throughout the building.
▪       School visitors will be restricted to those required for school business.
▪       School buildings will be cleaned and disinfected following CDC guidance.

Instruction (UPK-12)
▪       In the event of a school closure, instruction will switch to 100% virtual learning.
▪       Alternate block model with students receiving instruction for two consecutive days of in-person instruction followed by three consecutive days of remote instruction. Block A would receive instruction at school Monday and Tuesday, Block B on Thursday and Friday. All students would remote instruction on Wednesday.
▪       On virtual learning days, students will be required to participate in all remote learning activities and classes and will be required to complete assignments. Student expectations will be determined by the teacher within parameters established by the district.
▪       Attendance will be taken at both on-site and virtual learning days.
▪       Student work will be graded.

Special Programs
▪ Students in a life-skills program will attend all four days (M, T, Th, F).
▪ At this time, students attending the CDC in Vermont will continue. Changes in either NY or VT could impact attendance at the CDC.
▪ Students receiving special services (Special Education, ENL, Speech, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.) will continue to receive those services either in person or remotely.

▪ Students will be required to wear a mask on school buses if they are physically able. Students who do not have a mask when boarding the bus will be provided with one.
▪ School bus drivers and attendants are required to wear a face covering on the school bus.
▪ There will only be 20 students on each bus, per bus run (one child per seat); siblings can sit together.
▪ Staggered student arrival is under consideration to accommodate for potential transportation seating limitations and increased traffic at schools due to parent drop-offs.
▪ We will be reaching out to confirm transportation plans with families at a later date. Bus runs will be developed based on the use of school transportation or families driving their children to school.
▪ Students will be assigned a seat on the bus. Due to health concerns, this seating must be followed.
▪ Temperatures of the students will be taken by a bus monitor before they get on the bus each morning.

Physical Education
▪ New York State guidance requires twelve feet of physical distance between students for Physical Education.
▪ The Physical Education curriculum and units will be adjusted to reflect the required social distancing.
▪ Locker rooms will not be used for PE classes.

Art and Music
▪ New York State guidance requires twelve feet of physical distance between students for singing and playing a wind instrument. The district is continuing to study how to offer these programs with safety being our top priority.
▪ The use of clay for art classes has been removed from the curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year.

Extracurricular Activities and Athletics
▪ There will be no before school or after school activities at this time. This will be reexamined once the school has been in operation and consistency has been achieved.
▪ Under current state guidance, interscholastic sports are not permitted. The start of the fall season has been delayed until September 21, 2020, at the earliest. Additional guidance is expected soon.

Food Service
▪ All students in the elementary school will be served breakfast and lunch in their classrooms.
▪ Lunch and breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for the high school adhering to six foot all social distancing rules.

▪ A survey will be posted in the next two weeks to determine the technological needs for students including access to a device, type of device, access to the internet and type of access to the internet.

For the most recent news & updates, please visit our COVID-19 resource page:

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