UPDATE 12/17:

Remote Learning UPDATE 12/17 

The number of positive COVID-19 cases has thankfully dropped in the past three days. This is a trend we would like to continue. Beginning this Monday, if a student tests positive their quarantine will extend through Christmas Day to Thursday, December 30. We need your help to keep numbers down before the holidays. Please make sure to keep your child home in the coming week if they are exhibiting signs of sickness.

To streamline communication on COVID-19 we are again promoting the use the following email or
phone number to contact Hoosick Falls CSD on weeknights, weekends and over school breaks:
(516) 418-3544


Hoosick Falls Central School is currently dealing with the largest number of COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. As a school district, we will not be able to safely remain open to in-person learning for UPK-12 students if cases increase before the holiday break. As noted in the fall, the new COVID-19 variants do not behave in the same way as last year. They are more contagious and sometimes can ‘breakthrough’ someone that is vaccinated. While vaccines do not stop COVID-19, they do lessen the impact of the virus when contracted.

We have made all efforts to remain open during these trying times, but cases have not decreased in the past week. The numbers have either remained consistent or increased on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a significant number of children have been sent to school with symptoms and later tested positive, thereby exposing and quarantining a large number of students. Cases appear to center around children that spend time together both as friends and in families. There have also been a few ‘breakthrough’ cases from those that are vaccinated. Despite our best efforts, we are now required to quarantine students through Christmas and into the holiday break.

While the district is not yet officially pivoting to remote learning, please be aware that you may be contacted in the coming days requiring us to do so. Your child(ren) should have the ability to work from home Monday, December 20 through Thursday, December 23. As we have done in the past, chromebooks will be distributed to those in need.

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