Good morning,

Today, we are experiencing the first major snowstorm of the year.

Deciding on the use of ‘snow days’ is based on many factors and not considered lightly.  The safety of students and staff, the number of days available, the reasons for calling the day, the ability of students to work with their teachers, and the impact on the remainder of the school year were reviewed in today’s decision.

Each year the school district sets aside five emergency days that have usually been allocated for inclement weather. In October, the community lost power for many days due to an intense storm. We were forced to use two ‘snow days’ since we could not hold virtual classes without power or the internet. This leaves us three ‘snow days’ for the remainder of the school year. 

If we use all five of our ‘snow days’ and need to close again after that, we will have to assign school days during our designated February and/or April breaks. Based on current trends, week-long breaks in February and April will be needed by all.

While the decision today may be frustrating, it was based on what is most beneficial for the students, staff and district moving forward for the remaining six months of the school year. Our hybrid model allows us to pivot to remote learning when needed and when possible. The storm today allowed us to pivot remotely, remain safe, have students work with their teachers, and retain three ‘snow days’ for the remainder of the school year.


Patrick Dailey

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