With the new Agriculture program at Hoosick Falls, the FFA club restarted for the first time in decades in the 2021-22 school year.

The new program has afforded students the opportunity to compete against other schools in a handful of academic events, including public speaking and presenting about careers in agriculture, just to name two.

Hoosick Falls competed at three events this year – sub-state, regionals and states – with each round a qualifier into the next.

One student, freshman Jessica Haynes, rose above the rest, becoming Hoosick Falls’ first state champion with a first-place effort in the category of Senior Creed.

“I think finishing first, it helped the school and our ag program to have such a good accomplishment in the first year,” Haynes said.

The Creed, written by E.M. Tiffany in 1930, is a five-paragraph belief (https://www.ffa.org/about/ffa-creed/) for what the Future Farmers of America (now FFA) stood for. In the Creed event, students are tasked with memorizing the document verbatim and also answering questions from a panel of judges about the document.

“I went into it confident, but I thought I did awful,” Haynes said. “They ask you three questions [after the reading] and we had practiced them for months, but the questions they asked were completely different. I was freaking out.”

Later in the day, sitting in the main hall, Haynes and the rest of the team got their results.

“They said [the name of] the third place girl, and then second place, and that was the girl who had beaten me in the first two [competitions], so I was happy for her,” Haynes said. “Then they said, ‘first place, Jess Haynes, Hoosick Falls’ and my team started going crazy.”

Haynes said she hopes that her result will get more people involved in FFA going forward.

“A lot of people don’t know about the FFA or what we do, so it got our name out there,” Haynes said. “Maybe next year, we’ll have even more students.”

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