For the fourth year in a row, Luke Hoag, now a 7th grader, has continued his tradition of collecting and delivering thousands of letters to Macys for their Believe Day that benefits Make-A-Wish.


Over 84,000 letters for 2019!

Thanks to the efforts of Luke, classmates and students in grades K-12 at many schools helped with the effort to make a difference.

Four years ago, Luke learned about a pledge made by Macy’s to donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish foundation for each letter written to the grantor of all wishes, the one and only Santa Claus. Each year on Believe Day, Macy’s doubles their donation to $2 for every letter they receive.

Luke Hoag at Macys 2019

In 2015, Luke delivered 14,595 letters to Macy’s on Believe Day. He was so excited by his success that he decided to work a bit harder and raise the total to 25,000 letters the following year. He not only met, but exceeded his goal by delivering 44,000 letters to Macy’s! His efforts resulted in an $88,000 donation made by Macy’s to the Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2017, Luke collected an amazing 66,000 letters and in 2018 he surpassed that by motivating people all over the United States to write 77,000 letters to our favorite wish-maker at the North Pole! Once again this year, Luke has set and met a massive goal – he delivered over 84,000 letters on December 6th! Way to go Luke!

We are so thankful to all who helped, but especially Luke who continues to give back, and sets an excellent example for people of all ages to give back.

Read more and watch the video on WNYT as well as the Bennington Banner.

Luke Hoag at Macys 2019

Luke Hoag at Macys 2019

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