UPDATE @ 4:21 PM on 10/20/2020

Letter from Superintendent Dailey:

October 20, 2020

Dear Parent, Staff, and Community Member:
Today the District was informed of a positive test for COVID-19 for a Group B elementary student who attends on Thursday and Friday. As per New York State Education Department and New York State Department of Health guidelines, the District took immediate steps to isolate the situation and notify the Rensselaer County Department of Health. The District is working closely with the County DOH and following all guidance provided by them. (read more about contacts of a confirmed case here) They will take the lead role in any further steps that may be necessary such as additional testing of individuals or contact tracing. In the event you are contacted by a representative of the County DOH or the District, we encourage you to offer your complete cooperation

Students in the elementary school are arranged in small groups that remain together throughout the day, attend only physical education classes and recess outside of their own room, and interact with very few other students in the building.  As a result of this design, the number of locations and people exposed is significantly less than would take place in the high school. With this in mind, the school will continue to function as normal and will not close. If there is another direct impact on you such as transportation or your own child’s class(es), you will be contacted by the District.

While I fully understand you would like additional details, we are not permitted by privacy laws to identify the student involved. We have provided as much information as possible. Anyone with questions and/or who needs to report a COVID-19 related health issue should contact the district’s COVID-19 Resource Person at (COVIDreporting@hoosickfallscsd.org). In these challenging times, rest assured that the District’s priority is protecting the health, welfare, and safety of students and staff while complying with any government orders and guidance related to the opening of schools.

I appreciate your understanding of the situation.

Patrick Dailey


October 20, 2020

The Hoosick Falls Central School District was informed by the Department of Health that two students have tested positive for COVID-19. These two cases are unrelated. A High School student tested positive who has attended 100% virtual learning and not been in the building since the beginning of the school year.

The District was also informed of a positive COVID-19 test for a Group B elementary student who attended this past Thursday and Friday. Classes in the elementary school are divided into cohorts with students remaining in small groups together throughout the day. This design has resulted in minimal contact with other individuals. The Rensselaer County Health Department has indicated that any contacts of the elementary student have been advised to quarantine through November 1 as a precaution. The Department of Health will also be contacting the families of students in the classroom.

More info will be posted later.

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