Students in UPK-2 will return to school four days a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) beginning Monday, April 26. Wednesdays will remain as remote learning days. For the return of students to take place, Hoosick Falls CSD had to make a number of adjustments to accommodate the reduction of social distancing from 6’ to 3’.

  • All hygiene protocols (hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, nightly fogging of classrooms, etc.) will remain in place.
  • Students and staff must continue to wear face masks at all times, except while eating, including on buses, hallways and classrooms.
  • Adults will make all efforts to remain 6’ apart from students for extended periods of time.
  • Student seating in classrooms will be reduced from 6’ to 3’.
  • Students will remain 6’ apart if their masks are removed when eating.
  • Mask breaks are eliminated since students will be closer than 6’ apart without masks.
  • Current Rensselaer County DOH quarantine protocols remain in place.

Listed below are important changes parents need to be aware of:

  • The school will no longer be taking the temperatures of students on the bus or when dropped off in the morning. They should now be taken at home. Students should not attend school if they have a temperature above 100.0 F.
  • Question #1 on the Daily Screener includes the temperature check.
  • Weather permitting, all attempts will be made to keep the windows open on buses for increased ventilation.
  • Tents are being erected outside to increase locations for student activities, including eating snacks outside.
  • Lunch schedules have been adjusted. Based on the space and seating in rooms, as well as social distancing requirements, students/classes may still eat in their classrooms or in the cafeteria.
  • All students are being offered the opportunity to return to school. If the return does not work, a student may again pivot to 100% remote learning. At that point, a student will not be allowed to return a second time for the remainder of this school year.
  • Bus routes have been reconfigured based on students returning to school. As has been the case since the beginning of the school year, we cannot use bus passes or change the pickup/dropoff locations of students.

As with all things COVID related, change can be stressful for the students, parents and/or staff. We are bringing groups together that have not been in the same classroom for over a year. We will face challenges and difficult situations, but feel it is vital the students return to school. It is important that we work together for this to be a successful transition and hope this change will help the students return to as ‘normal’ a situation as possible for the remainder of this year.

If you have additional questions on the return of students to school four days a week, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Dailey (x1602), Ms. Netti (x1302) or Mrs. Fleming (x1301) through email or by phone (518-686-9492). Thank you.

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